Criteria for Assessing Car Rental and Driving License Application Evaluation Criteria

Criteria for Assessing Car Rental and Driving License Application Evaluation Criteria

The company must be registered / licensed with the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to carry out the “inbound” tourist handling business. The Company fulfils the licensing requirements set by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia as below:

Have sufficient paid-up capital as follows:

For Companies In The Cities.

One or two or all types of travel business (IOT) – RM 200,000.00

For Major Rural Entities:

– Domestic Tour (Inbound) – RM 50,000.00

– Domestic Tour and Travel Agency (Inbound & Ticketing) RM 150,000.00

– Domestic, Overseas Travel and Adventure Agencies (Inbound, Outbound & Ticketing) – RM 200,000.00

– Overseas Tourism (Outbound) – RM 200,000.00

Have the financial capability to finance the purchase of tour buses such as overdrafts, fixed deposits, bank guarantees, bank loans and so on.

Have proof of handling tour packages that require bus tour bus transportation such as:

List of Managed Tourist Names and Statistics

Receipt / invoice rental bus rental from other companies

Tourist receipt / invoice

Have a suitable storage space (depot)

Should you wish to increase the number of existing licenses, the company must submit:

List and copy of existing tour bus license

Existing shuttle bus use schedule

A copy of the audited financial statements for the current year

Car Rental and Drive

“Renting and Piloting Car” means a motor vehicle leased out for the purpose of being guided by the tenant or its nominee either a tourist or non-tourist and is used exclusively to bring tourists or travelers.

Application for Renewal on Conditional Approval Letter of Licensing Bus and Car Rental License

The application on the Conditional approval letter shall be made prior to the expiry date of the letter. Consideration may be given based on the merits and supporting documents included. There are four (4) types of terms change on the Conditional Approval Letter ie:

Application to extend vehicle license time

Application for change of number of seats

Application under company name

Application in line with company address

Required supporting documents are as follows:

A copy of the validity of the Malaysia Tourism Ministry license

Original copy of Conditional approval letter

Copy of Vehicle Specification Form

Justification of alteration application and reasonable proof

Vehicle plans approved by RTD, if applying for a change in number of seats

Documents to Include

Forms of Companies Act 1965 which are authenticated by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) as follows:

One (1) copy of Form 24 – Returned of Allotment of share

One (1) copy of Form 49 – Return giving Particulars in Register of Directors, Managers and Change of Particulars

One (1) copy of Form 32A – Form of transfer of Securities

Copy of company bank statement for the last three (3) months

A copy of the latest audited financial statement

Examples of travel packages offered and brochures that have been printed

A copy of the latest contract / letter of acceptance received from a corporate / corporate body that requires the company’s Car Rental and Driver service

Copies of documents to prove the lease / use of existing Car Rental and Drive for the last three (3) months

Letter of confirmation and address of a Car Rental and Drive retention store owned by a company or approved by a local authority

A copy of the document to prove the company’s financial ability to finance the purchase of Car Rental and Drive such as overdraft, bank guarantee, bank loan and so forth.

List and copy existing car rental and pilot license if applying for additional licenses.

Application form car rental

Application must be submitted by submitting one (1) copy of application form according to the type of application as follows:

Form 1 (Subregulation 3 (1)) – Application for new license / additional license for the tour bus

Form 2 (Subregulation 3 (1)) – New license / license application for rental car and drive.

Form 4 (Subregulation 7 (1)) – Application for renewal of license for tour bus license

Form 5 (Subregulation 7 (1)) – Application for renewal of driving and driving licenses

Form 6 (Subregulation 14 (1)) – Application for alteration of licenses for cruises and rental cars and drive

Form 7 (Subregulation 4 (4)) – Application for alteration of conditions on Passenger Conditional Conditional Bills and rental and steering cars

The completed form along with the supporting documents required should be submitted directly to the Licensing Division, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur or to the relevant Regional Licensing Offices.

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